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Procape is the biggest association of persons with handicap in Switzerland. Established  in 1930 under the name of Swiss Association of the Disabled persons (ASI) and the account today approximately 20 ' 000 members distributed in approximately 45 regional sections. The association supports the persons with handicap through its performances expériences in the following domains: services of contacts and advice, Legal department, advice under construction adapted, leisure activities and sport.

We count in Switzerland 1,4 million of disabled persons. These should be able to live, as far as possible, in a independent way and see attributing the same rights as the valid persons.

It is in any case the vision which livens up Procape and for which the association intends to make a commitment resolutely at every level. The members of Procape benefit from professional performances, supplied by the Legal department and by the offices of contacts, in particular when it is a question of creating an environment without obstacles adapted to the needs for the disabled persons. Procape  allows her members the access to the sport, to the leisure activities, to the culture and to the life in society.

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