The Associação Portuguesa para o Direito dos Menores e da Família was created in 1986, by a group of magistrates who felt the need to take further the child/youth protection, contributing to the greater and better promotion of their rights

In 1987, appears the 1st Foster House which had the collaboration of Oeiras Municipal Council, with a capacity for 10 children, changing its installations in 1997, for a rooted built house, fostering 14 children from 0 to 12 years old, called “Casa do Parque”. Later, is built the 2nd House in Cascais “Casa da Encosta” for a total of 12 children, with the same age group as the previous one, built from scratch by Cascais Municipal Council. In 1994 is built “Casa do Infantado”, in an apartment of Loures Municipal Council, with the capacity for 12 children from 0 to 12 years old. In 1996, is built the first Foster House in the north of the Portugal, in Cedofeita, with the capacity for 10 children from 0 to 10 years old, “Casa de Cedofeita”. In the year of 2004, the APDMF- CrescerSer created a new project, with the aim to foster young from 12 to 18 years old, being built two foster houses: In Porto – “Casa do Vale” for 16 boys; in Lisbon – “Casa das Amoreiras” for 8 boys, changing places in 2005 and fostering 10 boys, “Casa da Ameixoeira”. In 2007, another foster house was built in Chão de Couce - Leiria, with the capacity for 23 girls from 12 to 18 years old called “Casa do Canto”.


Since 1986 until December of 2010, CrescerSer fostered a total of 1013 children, being 873 relocated.
The children/young in APDMF - CrescerSer are victims of maltreatment, out of their family context; with serious mental health illness; victims of sexual abuse and several illnesses. It is essential to promote with quality and safety their life project, either to the biological family (if possible), national or international adoption, or life’s autonomy.

APDMF - CrescerSer’s philosophy demands a serious work near the biological family (nuclear or extended) for the possibility of their (re)integration. In CrescerSer’s headquarters, psychology sessions and family therapy for the families of these children are being held.

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