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amici de bambini

Ai.Bi. – Amici dei Bambini Association was established in Italy in 1986 by a group of adoptive and foster families in response to the growing epidemic of childhood abandonment.

The mission is to provide every child their birth-right: to grow up in a stable family.
To provide a stable family to every abandoned child and guarantee the child’s right to be a son/daughter.
“A Family for Every Child” is the foundation of AIBI Inc.’s activities.

Every day, throughout the world, AIBI Inc. is engaged in fighting child abandonment, which the United Nations has called “the fourth humanitarian emergency of the Twenty-first Century.”

Ai.Bi. is registered in Italy as Non-governmental Organization (NGO) and is an accredited agency for inter-country adoption. Ai.Bi. operates in 25 countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, North and South America.
In 2001, Ai.Bi. – Amici dei Bambini Association became the first Italian NGO to obtain, the international Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001 for its International Cooperation activities. Since 2000, Ai.Bi. has been voluntarily submitting its financial reports to the auditing firm, Reconta Ernst&Young for review and comment.

This year the italian GBI participants will support Amici dei Bambini with their raised funds.

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