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In 2017 GBI participants from the UK will contribute with their funds to the 'Choose Love' programme, supported by the Vodafone Foundation.

Choose Love in 2017 and help us raise £1 million for refugees.

Through our Choose Love campaign, we want to help support some of the 65.3 million people displaced from their homes due to conflict or natural disaster.

Money raised will go to our longstanding partner UNHCR and Europe’s largest grassroots distributor of aid, Help Refugees. Both charities play a critical role supporting both the immediate and long term needs of those who are displaced.

In partnership with UNHCR money raised will allow us to continue to enable young refugees to access a quality digital education through our Instant Network Schools in both Africa and Greece. Working with Help Refugees we want to provide food, shelter and access to information for refugees across Europe.

Choose Love builds on 13 years’ experience supporting displaced people alongside UNHCR, Help Refugees & TSF.

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