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The french GBI cyclists raise funds for "Petites Princes"

Our mission

The Petits Princes Association, founded in 1987, makes the dreams of seriously ill children and adolescents come true.

Bring additional energy to fight against disease.
We are deeply convinced that a child, who lives his passions and realizes his dreams is a child who finds a surplus of energy to face the disease. The medical staff of the 150 hospital departments with which we collaborate on a daily basis confirm that the dream helps their little patients to feel better emotionally and sometimes even physically.

Monitor children for the duration of the illness
The Association Petits Princes is the only association in France to make several dreams come true for the same sick child if their condition requires it, depending on the evolution of their pathology and their treatments. The Association's volunteers are in regular contact with the children, their families and the medical staff to provide long-term support.

Support the whole family
Because the disease upsets the entire family universe, parents and siblings, in the majority of cases, live dreams alongside the child.

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