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Tawasol’s first step towards the roots of poverty in the area in 2008 was to build a school to educate children whose parents had otherwise put them to work in sweatshops.

The objective of the school is to educate children both academically and practically. On the academic level, the school follows the Egyptian government curriculum and is registered with the Ministry of Education.
On the practical level, however, the school incorporates innovative vocational training techniques to teach students specific crafts such as painting, embroidery and crochet. This helps ensure that the kids remain in school and do not return to the street because it provides them with income to support their parents.
Tawasol also focuses on the development of the students' talents through theatre and choir classes.
The school also boasts a library, computer lab, art room, showers and a kitchen providing balanced meals to counter prevalent malnutrition.

About us
The Egyptian Cure Bank is a Non Profit Organization aims to provide free of charge healthcare to the citizens who cannot afford their treatment costs. The Egyptian Cure Bank is sister organization to the Egyptian Food Bank.

Our Vision
To be the leading civic organization mobilizing charity and coordinating efforts to avail treatment of the needy.

Our Mission
To provide free-of-charge healthcare system for citizens who cannot afford treatment, capitalizing on our experience in the field of humanitarian and health endeavors, and supported by state-of-the-art operating systems and close partnerships with healthcare providers.

Our Values
- Cooperation.
- Teamwork.
- Engagement.
- Loyalty.
- Focus on beneficiaries.
- Equality and impartiality.

More information on www.egyptiancurebank.com

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