Team Saudi Cyclists

Team Captain: Ahmed Alsawfan

Team Darrajati

Team Captain: Abdullah Wathlan

Saudi Cyclist Team
We have made an agreement between SAUDI CYCLISTS and ALBASAR INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION to spread the awareness of eye diseases and support patients. GBI Saudi team season 2017 supported and helped the foundation in spreading the awareness about the patient sacrifices all over Asian and African countries.

In this world
- One person goes blind every 5 seconds
- One child loses his vision every one minute
- 30 million people are blind
- 284 million people are moderate or severe visual handicapped

Are you aware?
- By year 2000, 100 million are going blind
- The majority of these are in Asia & Africa
- More than 80% of blindness is preventable or treatable

- A world free of visual impairment

- To alleviate the burden of the visual disabilities

 Al-Basar International Foundation
- NGDO Working in Field of Prevention of Blindness
- Started It’s Field Work on 1989
- Head Office in Saudi Arabia
- Targeting The Needy Areas in Asia & Africa

 Means & Ways To Attain Mission
- Organize Quality Assured Mobile Eye Campaigns “Free Eye Camps”
- Operate Self-Sustained Charity Eye Hospitals
- Establish Human Resource Development Centers
- School Screening for Students School

- 45 Benefited Countries
- 28 Specialized Eye Hospital & Centers
- 2 Training Centers (Post-Graduate & Paramedics)
- 1,388 Mobile Eye Services “Free Eye Camps”
- 21 Million Eye Patients Examined/Treated
- 1.5 Million Vision Restoring Surgeries Performed
- Million Eye-Glasses Distributed

Darrajati Cyclist Team
The Darrajati cycling team of Saudi Arabia will support the Saudi Society of Autism with their participation of the GBI Europe tour.


Saudi Society of Autism
SSA is one of the institutions that take care of autistic people and provide them with all the possibilities for social communication.


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Team lead: Moaz Al-Muslm



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