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Associations for Protection of Child Laborer (APCl), registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), has been born in 2002 with the main goal of supporting vulnerable kids especially child laborer, who are usually in the age of between 5 and 14.
Their mission is to make sure that every child enjoys his/her childhood!
They support child laborer mainly through educating child laborer, provide them daily portions and making sure they get proper health and Psychology services.

How APCl started?
The program was launched by a group of young people who cared about child laborer, by spending their free time to educate them. The group has been grown and after almost 14 years, they have built 4 institute in Tehran and one in Bam.

How APCL support kids?
- Any action that can help the children and their family so that prevents the child to work
- Supporting child victims such as violence
- making sure that they grow up in a stable family
- Informing publics about conditions of child laborer and effective ways to support them

More information on the website (in Farsi): http://apcl.org.ir/

From 2017 GBI Participants from Iran will start supporting Associations for Protection of Child Laborer (APCl). Don’t forget even small amount of money make different!

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