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Participants from Rwanda will cycle for charity and donate to the charity:

Diva Cycling Initiative (DCI) is non-government organization created on 5th December 2019 for the sake of empowering women.


Our Motto: Here to stay


Our Vision: we aim to:

1) Carry on the following Projects;

- Supporting women who can’t afford bikes by providing them the bikes from well-wishers

- Supporting Girls Education (Previous years, I was able to support education of 16 Ghanaians, 20 Rwandans and 15 Ugandans). From 2020, we will be depending on well-wishers and we hope it could enable us to support as many girls as possible.

- Bike tours in Rwanda (currently under planning)

2) Host the following monthly Events

- Repainting Zebra Crossing for visibility

- Planting Trees for healthy environment


Our Objectives

- Freedom

- Living healthy lifestyle

- Maximize our potential in cycling

- Transportation


Weekly activities since 11th January 2020

- We do train woman who have never been on bikes before

- We ride short distances for beginners

- We ride long distances for experienced female riders.


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