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The jordan GBI cyclists will raise donations in 2016 for the charity 'Society for protecting family violence victims'.


  • Supporting honor crime victims, resolving and following up on such cases, both psychologically and socially.
  • Working on establishing shelters for victims of family/domestic violence.
  • Finding alternative/foster families for the victims of honor crimes and domestic violence.
  • Empowering professionals dealing with victims of domestic violence through training, capacity building and skill development.
  • Reducing family violence and violence against women and children in the Jordanian society.
  • Adopting a working-together approach with governmental, non governmental and international organizations concerned with preventing and reducing violence in all its forms.



In 2011, and under the agreement between the Ministry of Social Development and the SPVFF, the Society has carried out several psychological rehabilitation activities complying with the objectives, highlighted below:

✓ Identifying existing residents’ issues and needs.
✓ Creating a safe environment for positive psychological, social and moral development.
✓ Assisting residents in achieving harmony on a personal and professional level.
✓ Inciting positive change in residents’ behavior.
✓ Identifying psychological and behavioral issues.
✓ Identifying counseling needs.
✓ Applying Anger Management program.
✓ Providing conscious guidance.
✓ Providing relevant information.
✓ Conducting group therapy sessions.
✓ Conducting individual therapy sessions.
✓ Applying scientific tests and measures.


Future activities:

The Second phase of the agreement with the Ministry of Social Development focuses on education at AlKhansaa Female Juvenile Center.

Through this, the following aims are hoped to be achieved:

  • Establishing an educational system tailored for the Juvenile Girls at the Alkhansa Juvenile Center, laying a foundation to create formal education system in cooperation with the Ministry of Education within the center, even if for the obligatory grades only.
  • Establishing, institutionalizing counseling and psychological support systems for the juveniles at the Center.
  • Designing a uniform for the center that will accommodate for the different seasons and different activities.
  • Empowering professionals and care takers dealing with victims of domestic violence through training, capacity building and skill development to better understand the residents’ needs and requirements, and setting the most appropriate strategy to deal with each of them individually. Periodically holding rehabilitation sessions for the supervisors.
  • Establishing a vocational training center focusing on teaching the girls skills (like sewing, gardening, cooking, pottery,...) enabling the juveniles to be productive and financially self sufficient. The center will conduct exhibits to aid them in marketing their products.
  • Commissioning a female health supervisor that will conduct awareness sessions on personal hygiene, personal health and care, along with providing the juvenile girls medical attention should they require it.
  • Reactivating the usage of the library, computer center, gym facilities and outdoor playgrounds.
  • Establishing a performing and fine arts (theatre, music, art, pottery) department within the Center.
  • Implementing a Family Counseling Program targeting the Juveniles’ families to integrate them back into their families and society.
  • Conducting lectures and information sessions for residents and their guardians. Implementing a Family Counseling Program targeting the Juvenile families to integrate them back into their families and society.
  • Entertaining the juveniles through inviting musicians, performers and entertainers to the center and organizing field trips across the country.
  • Conducting group and individual therapy sessions and directing residents to develop their skills and competences through overcoming psychological, academic, and social issues.
  • Installing and activating a closed circuit TV monitoring system at the center to enhance the protection of the juveniles.

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