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Event Situation

We have to understand the realities of the developing world. In many, if not most cases, there are two cultures existing, almost side-by-side. There are modern cities, industry, and a developing middle class. On the other hand, just a stone’s throw away, people live in villages and slums with inadequate or non-existing support structures. They usually have little or no cash income. Children usually do not go to school beyond the fourth grade, and often the family is dependent on the work of the children for survival. The women are with no skills and education cannot be earned. This is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken!

Our Vision

WAKE’s vision is to help women and Children survive and succeed. To help children get education and women vocational training. It meets the needs of the women and kids, with an emphasis especially on girls. To give awareness and care to their holistic health, access to education, vocational skills, economic independence, peace building, interfaith harmony, prevention of violence against women and children.


 It is our goal to give children the opportunity to become self-sufficient by getting an education that will eventually lead to a job and a composed person.
Increasing Access to Education to the children and professional skills to women and girls.
Creating awareness to educate the women on existing communal issues. And Awareness about Health and women’s own dignity.
To promote inter-faith harmony to bring equality, Peace and unity and to live together in civil Society through vocational training, dialogue, seminars, Trauma Therapy, and get-togethers.
Ending Gender-Based Violence and Building Peace.
Guiding people to use their sufferings for salvation.


We believe that all individuals have a responsibility to full participation in our society.
We believe that education and knowledge can be antidote to intolerance and bigotry.
We believe that all people (male and female) deserve to be welcomed, celebrated, and become an integral part of healthy society.
We believe in the importance of investing in our children, youth and women for   the better future of the whole society.
We believe that we all have a responsibility to work for healthy and sustainable natural environment.
We believe that women should have a full range of choices, and that women themselves know best how to determine their needs and propose solutions for lasting change.

Ending Gender-Based Violence and Building Peace.
Guiding people to use their sufferings for salvation

Mission statement

To bring sustainable change in the life of poor and determined women and children in marginalized communities through capacity building professional skills, formation and awareness for promoting life status and interfaith harmony.

What we do:
First and foremost we listen and speak with respect to deepen mutual understanding and trust. To promote interfaith harmony, education and peace through a seminar, dialogue or a workshop for a peaceful and tolerant society. Our programs help children succeed through education. However, many times, children simply need to survive before they can start on the road to success.
In WAKE, we recognize that the key to unlock a better future for the children is education and in women vocational training leading to employment.
Children, after completing their education, will learn a skill and be able to stand on their own feet. They will succeed because they were motivated cared for and sponsored.


As member of the society every child has right to get all the facilities because this child (male or female) will be the leader of tomorrow and become a member of our society. “WAKE “ was found to help children who are mostly orphan and needy or have drug addicted fathers, to care for their health and others needs of life which are most important for their lives and future. In Sep 2005 WAKE started working in Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan for the betterment and development of the Children and women and their rights. It took the start by opening a primary school in warispura Faisalabad in a three small rooms of a rented building. Most of the students are utterly poor and from drug addicted backgrounds. The staff offered their services as volunteers. During the next two years in the same place sewing classes, adult education classes and a beauty parlour training classes were started again on the same terms. The volunteer women would meet every two months to pray, reflect and plan together for the continuation and running of these projects. They would contribute a little amount time to time for these kids, but as the kids are growing and increasing in the school, it is becoming impossible to run the project without a major help.                                
Its head office is in Lahore where after planning and efforts it opened a vocational Centre for women.

Future Plan

WAKE is trying to mobilize local and international support to develop a wide range of income-generating and literacy programs like school for girls and street children, vocational center, and adult education center for women in their own premises. To help children and women succeed, by giving them a goal-oriented education and vocational training in the most effective way. To give them the key to a better future so that they can become part of the development of their community, society and country.


The greatest hurdle to overcome is the high cost of high schools and vocational schools.
Most of the children and women like to work even on very low wages to help their families instead of getting education and vocational training.

The challenges women face vary widely across cultures, religions, communities, traditions and countries. We want to claim women's rights by increasing literacy for women and girls, improving life in care and ending gender based violence.

Legal status

This is non-profit and non-political organization, growing as a national group of volunteers and embracing the motto” strong by Formation and Education’’. WAKE is designated as not for profit, tax exempt “Charitable Organization” & is registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860 having registration number as non-profit voluntary Social Organization Department.
Sabina Rifat    
WAKE (Women and kids education)
Pakarab Housing Scheme
110 Ferozpur Road Lahore, Pakistan

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